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Tourism Very familiar to most people as the capital of Turkey, Ankara is actually only the country's second-biggest city, being considerably smaller than Istanbul. However, Ankara is actually a very large and presentable Turkish city, constantly expanding and offering a rather sophisticated and modern character. Many wide streets are now lined with coffee shops and eateries, particularly around the energetic Kizilay area.
Various tourist hotspots present themselves around the city of Ankara and in particular, along the Ataturk Bulvari, which serves as a prominent artery. The Ulus Meydani, known simply as 'Ulus', is another important tourism hub in the city and this central square is close to a number of leading museums, while also offering a choice of accommodation and inexpensive restaurants. Nearby, the Ankara Tourist Information Office is easy to find and stands directly opposite the Maltepe Akaray Train Station, on the Gazi Mustafa Kemal Bulvari.
Sights Ankara, the Turkish capital, isn't the sprawling metropolis that its more famous counterpart is. However, there is still a lot to explore in this city of 4. 5 million. Here are my personal must-sees:
* Anıtkabir : This is the memorial and final resting place of Ataturk, Turkey's founding father. Turkish people have a very deep respect for him, and it really comes through in the memorial and museum. The stone temples are very grand and pretty while the hilltop location gives visitors a great perspective of the city.
* The Museum of Anatolian Civilization: The collection houses artifacts that date back thousands of years, from stone busts to early writing tablets. The gift shop has a good selection (and museum prices).
* Ankara Castle: This is in one of the less safe parts of the city, so I would advise you to visit only in a group. The ruins of this pre-Roman fortress are an interesting sight, especially if you get a hold of someone who is knowledgeable of its history.
* Maui Wowie: Yes, this is an international chain. Yes, you're buying overpriced smoothies. But A) the smoothies are delicious and B) there's free wifi. (Wifi lovers can also head to Starbucks). (Located on Arjantin Caddasi, near all of the embassies. This is the most ritzy part of town. )
Shopping Shopping can be a pleasurable experience for many, but frustrating for others. It helps to know where to go to find what you are looking for. There are a lot of options with regards to shopping in Ankara – between the supermarkets, department stores, and weekly bazaars, you are sure to find what you need.

Ankara, Türkiye

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